This website contains my interests, ambitions (for myself or for a broader optimistic future worth building), projects, and failings. I am always happy to engage with others who share these interests or ambitions, and open to working together on projects. As for failings, perhaps sharing these experiences may be of value to someone.

I am a scientist by training, with wide-ranging and winding interests developed along the way. I researched in the world of molecules, including chemsity, bioassay design, and computational biology. I then ventured further into the realm of bits and developed chemical reaction simulation networks to better understand biological systems dynamics. After this foray into bioengineering, I crossed into informatics and healthcare, where I mined health records to probe behavioral abnormality and genetic interactions. I then doubled back into the world of molecules to apply biological system dynamics to drug discovery, appropriated for longevity and diet optimization. This “project” dovetailed with an entreprenuerial itch, as I formed a company to house this technology development (and a second operation meanwhile, see fulgens, and I write about this journey here). I created a working prototype to test my major hypothesis: this is currently on the shelf (see Anti-aging and Diet Mimetics project here). I then again crossed into the realm of informatics and healthcare, this time at a healthcare tech startup, where I architected analytics and product. After a period of building in healthcare, my interests and energies are now directed again towards bioengineering and synthetic biology. It will be of great importance to engineer biology in “making stuff”, including therapeutics, chemicals, and foodstuffs. My winding road has subsequently surfaced questions and the enabling technologies required to address these challenges (see Questions).

My other interests include economics and trade, in part as it relates to the ying and yang of importing goods versus robust domestic production capabilities. Is it unproductive to bemoan supply chains and job flights to other countries. My curiosity lies in the intersection of pro-growth economic policies, investment in nascent industries, and greasing the wheels for technological change and scientific progress.