Book Review: Truman

8/5/2021 2-minute read

McCullough peers deep into the events and character of a man, citizen, and coicidentally, president, and delivers more than just a biography..


Author: David McCullough

Rating: 4.2 / 5

This biography is known to many by its sheer magnitude, stretching over 1000 pages. However, McCullough’s storytelling ability makes for a quicker-than-expected read (except perhaps the obligatory beginning chapters on Truman’s ancestry), although an account of such a fascinating individual certainly helps. While this book could be shorter, detailing ancillary figures in Truman’s life not only successfully paints a deeper picture of Truman himself, but also adds context and history in such uncertain, dangerous, but yet prosperous times of his presidency. McCullough adeptly hints at key policies and stances that Truman mantained, popularly or otherwise, with great prescience for social discourse today. McCullough effectively leverages Truman to create more than a biography of a great individual: he creates a biography of a great American and historical account of the United States. Rapt by the individual, his accomplishments, and his character, I was left wanting more for detail towards the end of his life, and he appeared to fade far from both the public and Washington’s eye after his presidency (except for popularity in Independence, Missouri of course). Even so, this read will be a mainstay in American history for a long time.